Adult Studies and Activities

By gathering together to study and discuss or to share a meal and an activity, we learn from scripture and from each other. We grow in faith and understanding. And we have fun! We support each other and others in our efforts to live as joyful disciples of Christ.

For information about ministries, studies, and activities for MSU students, visit:

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Studies and Discussion Groups

You do not need to be a member of this church to attend any events, groups, or studies – all are welcome!  All books are available for purchase online, or you may contact the church office to reserve a copy. See below for reference of what has been offered in the past. 

When Christians Get It Wrong
Mondays, 4:30-6:00 pm, Bethune Room
Led by Rev. Galen Goodwin

Based on the book by Adam Hamilton. “When young adults talk about the problems they have with Christianity and the church, they often name: judging others, condemning people of other faiths, rejecting science, injecting politics into faith, and being anti-homosexual.” Adam Hamilton tackles these issues and addresses the how’s and why’s of Christians getting it right when it comes to being Christ in the world.

Listen, Praying in a Noisy World
Tuesdays, 6:00-7:30 pm, Tennant Chapel
Led by Julie Bills

Based on the book by Rueben P. Job. “We live in a world of noise. Everywhere we go, we hear sounds that compete for our minds and hearts. Listening to God requires a deliberate choice to shut out the chaos around us and focus our thoughts. Listen was created to offer help to those new to prayer, those with a daily prayer routine, and those whose lives seem too busy to pray. With a focus on listening prayer and prayer as a two-way conversation, the experience will assist individuals and groups in building and deepening a personal prayer practice and spiritual discernment.”

Covenant Bible Study
2nd Tuesdays, 3:30-5:00 pm, UUMC Conf. Rm.
Led by James Pocock

Based on the book by Covenant Bible Study. “Covenant Bible Study guides small groups through a comprehensive, in-depth study of the whole Bible over twenty-four sessions broken into three eight-session modules. Unlike the learning participants may have experienced in other groups, this study emphasizes the biblical concept of covenant as a unifying theme through both the Old and New Testaments. It underscores the unique relationship that God chooses to have with us as God’s people. This relationship is grounded in the faithfulness of God’s love and on our ongoing commitment to stay in relationship with God while we share signs of God’s love with others.”

The Heart of Christianity – Men’s Group
Every other Wednesday beginning Sept. 11, 7:00 – 8:30 pm, Matthews
(9/11, 9/25/ 10/9, 10/23, 11/6, 11/20)
Led by David Winder

Based on the book by Marcus J. Borg. “Borg wants to show us, as today’s thinking Christians, how to discover a life of faith by reconceptualizing familiar beliefs. Being born again, for example, has nothing to do with fundamentalism, but is a call to radical personal transformation. Talking about the kingdom of God does not mean that you are fighting against secularism, but that you have committed your life to the divine values of justice and love. And living the true Christian way is essentially about opening one’s heart—to God, and to others. Above all else, Borg believes with passion and conviction that living the Christian life still makes sense.”

The Bible Tells Me So
Wednesdays, 3:00-4:30 pm, Bethune
Led by Rev. William Bills

Based on the book by Peter Enns. “What if the Bible is fine just the way it is? Not a well behaved Bible, where everything lines up and makes sense, but the messy, troubling, and weird Bible we actually have? What if the Bible doesn’t need to be protected and defended, but understood–just as it is? What if the real problem isn’t the Bible but the false expectations we sometimes bring to it? Perhaps, when we let the Bible be the Bible rather than what we expect it ought to be–or need it to be–we will find a deeper faith in the process.”

All Is Grace
2nd & 4th Thursdays, 6:00-7:30 pm, Bethune Room (begins Sept. 26)
Led by Rev. James Magee

Based on the book by Brennan Manning. “Do you believe that the God of Jesus loves you eyond worthiness and unworthiness, beyond fidelity and infidelity—that he loves you in the morning sun and in the evening rain—that he loves you when your intellect denies it, your emotions refuse it, your whole being rejects it. Do you believe that God loves without condition or reservation and loves you this moment as you are and not as you should be.” ~ Brennan Manning

Activities and Fellowship

United Women in Faith/ UM Women

United Women in Faith (UWF) is focused on promoting the missions work of the United Methodist Church. Towards this end, we hold several fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for missions. In addition, we sponsor various program to educate individuals about missions.

Women’s Fellowship

Our women’s group meets to share a meal and fellowship on the fourth Wednesday of every month. Meetings are held at members’ homes or at local restaurants.

United Methodist Men

Our men’s group meets for dinner and a program on the fourth Thursday of every month.


Elderberries is the church group for those age 50 and older. They meet on the third Tuesday of the month from September – May for a potluck lunch and program.

Fourth Sunday Eat Out Group

Join us for good food and fellowship on the fourth Sunday of each month following the worship service. We meet at various restaurants around the Lansing area.

Second Tuesday Book Group

Our book group meets on the second Tuesday of each month to discuss a popular book. Meetings are held in the UUMC Conference Room at 1:00 p.m. New people are always welcome.

Chancel Choir

The choir is the main presenting ensemble of UUMC.

Celebration Ringers

The bell choir performs once each month during worship service.


Each summer, UUMC fields a co-ed softball team as part of a semi-competitive church league. The season is held May through July, including a season-ending tournament. Weekly doubleheaders are played on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at Delta Mills Park and Sharp Park in Delta Township. All are invited to support UUMC’s team by coming to cheer the team on or to play on the team. The minimum age to play is 16, and you need to be able to catch a hard-hit or hard-thrown ball.

College Ministry Studies

For more information on our young adult ministries, please visit

Worship with Us

Sunday Morning Worship
In-person Traditional worship at 9:30AM and REACH Band-Led worship at 11AM. Both services are livestreamed to YouTube


Tower Alert Newsletter

Tower Alert is the weekly newsletter of University United Methodist Church.  It is published on Wednesday evenings.