Message from the Pastor

Daring to Love: Service
When we fail to serve others, we fail to serve Jesus. The choice to serve or not is always ours.
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Daring Each Other to Love God and Our Neighbors: Gifts
A hand that's tightly closed has no way to receive. How tightly closed is your fist? How open is your heart?
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Daring Each Other to Love and Our Neighbors – Presence
Today, if someone attends church half the Sundays in a year, that is considered “regular attendance.” But that is really like having a family dinner with only half the family [...]
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Daring Each Other to Love God and Our Neighbors
“Daring each other to love God and our neighbors” requires a commitment.
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From the Pastor
Our charge conference will be on Wednesday, November 7 at 7:00 at Mt. Hope United Methodist Church.
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From the Pastor
The Peace Education Center Board of Directors has expanded this year’s Peace Quest to include the entire month of September.
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From the Pastor
Mark your calendar for new worship time and upcoming events!
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Band-Led Worship Service
"The best way to make new Christians is to start new churches. The second best way is to invite someone you know to attend church with you." ~ Rev. William [...]
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Sanctuary Screens
This project will actually include more than just a couple screens for the sanctuary. There will be two flat panel screens placed on either side of the chancel ...
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