Prayer brings us closer to God, to each other, and to those for whom we pray. We pray for discernment and guidance for our lives. We pray for each other—for family and friends, our church and community, and for people and needs around the world.

An open bible sitting on a rock in the woods.

View Prayer Concerns

To view current requests for prayer and memorial and funeral announcements, please enter the prayer password, which may be found in University United Methodist Church Sunday bulletins or by contacting the church office at (517) 351-7030.

Request Prayer

If you would like to request prayer for yourself or others, please contact the church office at (517) 351-7030.

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Sunday Morning Worship
In-person traditional worship at 10AM and livestreamed to YouTube


Tower Alert Newsletter

Tower Alert is the weekly newsletter of University United Methodist Church.  It is published on Wednesday evenings.