Photo/Video Policy

The following policy applies to use of photographs and videos in all digital and print communications of University United Methodist Church (UUMC), including public websites and social media platforms, e-newsletters, publications, and advertising. The policy was created with input from United Methodist Communications, Michigan Area of the United Methodist Church Office of Communications, UUMC Education Committee, and UUMC Communications Committee.

For a printable PDF copy of this policy, click HERE.


Persons 18 years of age and older:

Photos of individuals participating in UUMC and Wesley services, events, and activities may appear in all UUMC communications unless individuals request their images not be used by opting out of the photo usage notice.

UUMC websites, social media sites, e-newsletters, church bulletins, Vacation Bible School registration materials, and new member materials will include a photo usage notice with a message similar to the following: “We often take photographs and videos of adults, youth, and children as they participate in UUMC and Wesley services, events, and activities. These images may appear in digital and print communications designed to build congregational community and to promote our church and its activities/events. If you do not want your photo or your child’s photo to be used in communications, you must email or contact in writing [contact and contact info TBD].”

A UUMC staff member will be designated to: receive responses from those opting out; notify in a timely manner (within a week) all those producing and managing UUMC communications; and maintain a master list of individuals who have requested photos not appear in communications for use by those managing UUMC communications.

The photo usage notice should appear on websites and social media sites in an appropriate manner on an ongoing basis. It should appear in church bulletins and the e-newsletter three or four times each year. Vacation Bible School registration materials require a signature giving permission for a child’s photo to be used in UUMC communications.

Every effort will be made by those producing and managing UUMC communications to avoid using photographs that could be objectionable, embarrassing, or harmful in any way. Any such photos posted by others on UUMC social media sites will be removed immediately by the site manager.

Identification of individuals in photos on websites and print materials will be included on a limited basis as needed and appropriate. Main subjects of photos 18 years and older may be identified and tagged on social media sites.

Photos and digital materials from personal social media or digital accounts may not be used in UUMC communications without a signed release form.

Copyrighted images may not be used in UUMC communications.

Appropriate stock images may be used for general promotional purposes, such as in website banners or to promote events and activities.

Persons 17 years of age and younger (minors):

Parents/legal guardians will be notified by the Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries (DCYM) at least annually of the photo policy and provided the opportunity to opt out, indicating they do not grant permission for photos of their child to appear in UUMC communications.

Photos may be used in UUMC communications unless a custodial parent or legal guardian has indicated otherwise by opting out or by submitting a request in email or writing to the DCYM.

The DCYM will communicate all opt outs in a timely manner (within a week) to a designated staff member (see above) for distribution to all UUMC communications producers and managers.

Photos in public communications will not include a minor’s name or personal information unless a parent/guardian gives specific permission.

Reasonable efforts will be made to take and use photographs of children in groups.

A photo release form will be required prior to use of any close-up photo of a minor in communications.




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