• on April 20, 2017

From the Pastor

“Daring each other to love God and our neighbor.” That’s a pretty provocative statement, isn’t it?

After the 2-year education, exploration, and research effort known as the Vital Church Initiative and three visioning workshops open to the entire congregation, a small team of talented vision writers (members of our own UUMC family) crafted this new statement to capture the hopes and dreams for UUMC’s future. They needed just nine words to express all that we hope to be as a Christian community.

But what does it mean to dare each other to love God and neighbor? What does it really mean?

As Pastor Bill discussed in his Easter message, Jesus certainly dared to cross many religious and social boundaries. He dared to preach good news to the poor, release to the captives, and freedom to the oppressed. Jesus challenged everyone, including the religious, the wealthy, and the powerful, to live differently. Jesus’ life epitomized love for God and neighbor.

Are our lives defined and shaped by love for God and neighbor? What would be different if they were?

Join us this Sunday at worship for a conversation about how we can “dare each other to love God and our neighbor.”

Pastor Leslee Fritz

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