• on April 26, 2017

From the Pastor

“I am not a man of doubt. Rather I feel sometimes that I am a man of daring. I recall the day when Mary and Martha sent word to the Lord that their brother, Lazarus, was dead. Jesus turned to us and said ‘Let us go to him.’ We know of the growing opposition to Jesus and some of the apostles didn’t want to go to Bethany; they shrank from the unseen danger. Yet I remember how I spoke out and rebuked them all by saying, ‘Let us also go with Him that we may die with Him.’ Why do people remember my doubts and forget my daring?” – Thomas, The Last Supper by Ernest K. Emurian.

UUMC dares each other to love God and to love neighbors.

The Disciple Thomas is often lifted up as prototypic skeptic and frequently vilified as one who can’t blindly believe in the resurrection.  However, as a trained scientist, I find that skepticism an important characteristic for a seeker of truth.

Like Thomas, scientists are frequently remembered for their doubt rather than daring. Yet their pursuit of truth comes with great risk. The experimental method challenges the scientist to ever expose themselves and their findings to vigorous scrutiny and repeatability of their discoveries.

Thomas dares to demand the repeatability of the resurrection. He gets to place his hands in the wounds of Christ following the same materials and methods of the other disciples. (and in the same location as the others).

The question for us is, how will we dare to replicate the resurrection for others today? How will we dare to risk living daily resurrection lives that compel others to seek the truth?

~ Rev. W. Winston Chu

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