• on October 15, 2018

Daring Each Other to Love God and Our Neighbors: Gifts

Rev. William C. Bills

No one likes to talk about money. And you don’t like anyone telling you what to do with it, either. But what if someone gave you some hard-earned insight on a solid investment, one with out-of-this-world rewards? Would you jump at the opportunity?

Giving is essential and is a vital part and a crucial aspect of the Christian faith. Consider Psalm 103:

Praise the Lord, I tell myself,
And never forget the good things he does for me.
God forgives my sins
And heals all my diseases.
God ransomed me from death
And surrounds me with love and tender mercies.
God fills my life with good things.

Our whole concept of giving corresponds to how God has given to us. God is very generous and gives to us in order that we might pass along his blessings. Our Policy Governance Board has established a goal for 2019 calling us to build our human and organizational capacity for ministry. We can do this by recruiting, training, deploying and supporting volunteers. And we can do this by adding professional staff. Adding a new worship service for new people will require another part time staff person. Developing programming for Intentional Faith Development and small group ministries will require adding a part time staff person. Maintaining our church facility, making a difference in our community, reaching more people with grace-filled good news all require adequate funding.

The way we feel about money says a lot about our priorities. And if we hold it in a clenched fist, rather than on an outstretched palm, a funny thing happens. It becomes all we have. A hand that’s tightly closed has no way to receive. So what’s your posture toward giving this week? How tightly closed is your fist? How open is your heart? Nobody enjoys talking money at church. But ministry cannot happen without it.

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