• on August 25, 2021

From the Pastor

Rev. William Bills
“I’m in Trouble and You are the Only One Who Can Help Me”
August 25, 2021


I am in trouble and you are the only one who can help me.

You may be one of the lucky people who have been enticed by my ultra-serious messaging! I sometimes use that line to get people’s attention. It works well for insuring that I get a quick response to an email or phone call. Most of you are willing to bail your pastor out. You are all great people!

I am not really in trouble (at least not today) but some of you could really help me out. You would also be helping your congregation!

On September 12, we will attempt to hold two worship services. It is difficult to know who is able to help with Sunday services. Typically we need volunteers who help with bulletins, coffee, liturgy, ushers and greeters and clean up. After a long Covid layoff it is hard to know who is comfortable among people in close quarters. With the advent of the new school year, campus activities, and the Delta variant, we can’t make assumptions about vaccinated volunteers. If you can help on Sundays and are vaccinated let me know. If you can help with hospitality, contact Janel Horrocks-Boehmer at jhorrocks211@yahoo.com.  If you can be an usher, contact JoEllyn Roe at 517-351-2257.

We also need to consider church leadership. Covid has put a damper on our normal activities. We had just come up with a four point strategic plan for the church when the pandemic descended on us. Two thirds the Governance Board have had their terms curtailed by Covid. They couldn’t really implement our strategic plan. The plan needs to be revisited and updated for 2022. Board members are limited to one three-year term so there will be three openings on the Board for 2022. We also need a secretary. This is an important position that needs to be filled.

The United Methodist Church will undergo significant change in 2022. Next summer the denomination will divide into two (or more) denominations. Our church will have to make decisions about our future affiliation. The Governance Board will have significant planning and decision making to undertake in 2022. If you are interested in serving on the Board, contact me.

In that same vein, the Staff-Parish Relations Committee will have three openings for 2022. This committee is responsible for staffing the church to meet the needs of the congregation and the community. They also evaluate the pastor, make salary recommendations, and have the ability to request a new pastor by contacting the bishop. If you can assume this responsibility, contact me.

I won’t just sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Don’t be surprised if you get a text, email or voicemail from me saying, “I am in trouble and you are the only one who can help me! Call me: 517-351-7030.”

At University United Methodist Church, we affirm that as disciples of Jesus Christ, we are an open and inclusive congregation and welcome all persons into full participation regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic situation, age, ability, education, background and whether single or partnered.

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