• on September 23, 2020

From the Pastor

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“Unprecedented Times – Unprecedented Challenges”
September 23, 2020

This has been an unprecedented time full of unprecedented challenges. We have had to learn to do many things in new ways as we adapt to these unprecedented challenges here at University United Methodist Church. We have not been able to be present with one another at church since mid-March. Nonetheless, our church is still open and working to provide services and other ministries as best we can during the Covid pandemic. Your financial support has been critical this year.

Thanks to your continuing generosity we are current on all our obligations. We have given 100% ministry shares to the Michigan Conference and we continue to support missions, disaster relief efforts and many other things. We have not had to furlough any staff. We should get through 2020 in good shape but we need to begin to look ahead to 2021 now.

All of the gifts that the church has received to date have been greatly appreciated.  We will be starting our finance campaign next week for the support of the church in 2021.  These are certainly trying times.  That’s why we decided to call the campaign Unprecedented Times – Unprecedented Challenges.  You will hear from our staff and the Governance Board over the coming weeks, telling of the challenges they have faced and the opportunities that are before us as we seek to finish 2020 well and move into 2021 with hope for a better future for us all. We will finish 2020 well, financially speaking. Please help us begin 2021 even better.

At University United Methodist Church, we affirm that as disciples of Jesus Christ, we are an open and inclusive congregation and welcome all persons into full participation regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic situation, age, ability, education, background and whether single or partnered.

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