Message from the Pastor

  • on May 10, 2017


Prescription one in our Vital Church Initiative report addresses the alignment of vision, mission and values. Ministry alignment is important. All of our resources should be directed to carry out our mission. They should be used according to our stated values. Ministry alignment brings all areas of the church together to achieve our mission. Ministry alignment eliminates confusion and conflict. Ministry alignment moves the church forward with shared purpose and goals.

Item two in the prescription one states that “The pastor, in consultation with the coach, will recruit a ministry audit team of 3-4 people by April 30, 2017 to do the following:

1.  Evaluate all ministries to determine their alignment with the vision, mission and values.

2.  All ministries not in alignment by December 31, 2017 will be celebrated and dissolved at that time.”

This means that every fellowship group, small group, committee, board, ministry team, etc. must operate under our vision, mission and values. The ministry audit team will meet with every group in the church to hear from them how they plan to function within these parameters. Groups that are not presently functioning within the parameters of our vision, mission and values will have opportunity to come into alignment. Any group that chooses not to align itself with the vision, mission and values of University United Methodist Church is to be dissolved. This does not mean that groups not in alignment must cease to exist. It does mean that they will not receive priority when it comes to budgeting, publicity, building use and staff resources, or financial resources. Groups that choose not to align with our vision, mission and values, may continue to meet, work, etc. but they would no longer be considered official ministries of University United Methodist Church.

Our Ministry Audit Team members are Jay Makowski, Lisa Berg, Peter Berg and Rev. Bill Chu.  They will soon be meeting with groups in our church to explain the importance of ministry alignment. They will also help groups that are not in alignment come into alignment. Their goal is not to dissolve or disband groups in our church. Their goal is to align all of our ministry under common themes of vision, mission and values.

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