• on September 21, 2018

UUMC’s Strategic Plan

Thanks to all who participated in Sunday’s strategic planning discussion and brainstorming session. The turnout and idea sharing were excellent, and we appreciate your commitment and enthusiasm.

The strategic plan is posted here: Strategic Plan FINAL. Please feel free to review and print a copy for yourself.

Here’s a brief update:

• All the ideas you provided on sticky notes have been collected and are being recorded.
• We will add to those ideas any additional feedback you provide at listening sessions or via email. You can sign up to request a member of the policy governance board attend a meeting of your UUMC small group. Or you can attend one of the two general listening sessions at the church we’ll be scheduling this fall. We’ll announce the dates for those meetings soon.
• Your feedback will inform recommendations for how to bring to life the objectives in the strategic plan and enable our UUMC community to deepen our faith, increase our impact, and live out our mission, vision, and values.
• We’ll gather together again after the first of the year to discuss as a group.

Your next steps:

• Provide additional feedback on the plan and learn more.
• Sign up to schedule a member of the policy governance board to join your UUMC small group for a listening session. Or plan to attend one of the general listening sessions we’ll be scheduling soon. Sign up at church or by emailing: ellensh@comcast.net
• You also may send your feedback to the policy governance board: ellensh@comcast.net

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