• on August 22, 2018

Renovations Update

Rev. William C. Bills
August 22, 2018

Morrow Roofing has completed their work on the Asbury Hall roof. The roof work has to be tied into the new wall for the job to be truly completed, though. A delay with the building engineer set McCardell Restoration Company back five weeks on the repair of the Asbury Hall wall and replacement of the windows and sills. The owner of the company came out to meet with Steve Smucker (Facilities Manager) and Jay Makowski (Trustees Chair) to explain the delay. The video screens were to be installed by now as well but that installation date was pushed back to the week of September 10th. Removing the pulpit took longer than anticipated as well and a mistake in the tile order has held that work up just a little bit. We hope to take delivery of our new communion table before September 2nd but that now appears to be in doubt as well. We are sorry for the delays and inconvenience but there is not much we can do about it here at church other than try to remain patient with the contractors we are working with.

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