Strategic Plan

UUMC Strategic Plan 2018-21
Final July 18, 2018


Based on—
• Our Vision: Daring each other to love God and neighbor

• Our Mission: Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. (ourselves, neighborhood, community, world)

• Our Values: Love, Faith, Justice, Grace, Service

• Our Hospitality Statement: As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are an open and inclusive congrega-tion and welcome all persons into full participation regardless of race, ethnicity, gender iden-tity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic situation, age, ability, education, background, and whether single or partnered.

• A Wesleyan model that encourages all persons:
▪ To connect, grow and serve in their relationship with Christ
▪ To help them be transformed by studying the principles of the Christian faith
▪ To provide connection opportunities with other believers for support and accountability
• To be in service to others for the purpose of the mission

Goal 1: Foster Intentional Faith Development
Develop a clear path to faith development for people of all ages and spiritual stages, creating a vi-brant community of learners.

Work to engage 60% of members and regular attendees in intentional faith development opportuni-ties.

Increase average church worship participation and faith development participation by 10% over 3 years.

Help each church member and regular attendee engage from where they are in their faith develop-ment journey to fulfill our vision, mission and values.

Provide worship and educational experiences and environments for children, youth and adults that are welcoming, engaging, and meet needs for spiritual growth and connection.

Identify, recruit and mentor UUMC’s wealth of talented people to grow into being and serving as strong leaders with strong spiritual foundations to help transform our church providing common commitment, accountability and focus.

Goal 2: Serve Others (Outreach/Mission)
Develop broad participation and sustained engagement opportunities in support of relational outreach ministries.

51% of the congregation is involved in a UUMC mission/outreach program.

Each congregation member commits to one service opportunity per week.

The congregation commits 10,000 hours per year to make someone else’s life better.

Commit to relational outreach with the greater Lansing community and MSU through ongoing bridge-building events.

Hold church conversations to identify and commit to a signature mission that serves a true missional need in support of our vision, mission and values by September, 2019.

Goal 3: Build a Strong Foundation
Build a foundation of stable and sustainable resources and commit to a building utilization plan to foster intentional faith development and serve others.

Increase net membership over 3 years by 10%.

Increase annual giving by 10% over 5 years.

Increase average giving units by 10% over 3 years.

Expand the endowment by 10% over 3 years.

Formulate a robust annual giving campaign that emulates a fund development annual campaign.

Monitor Finance Committee’s current commitments to repay mortgage.
Enlist the endowment committee to grow the endowment fund through planned giving.
Develop a coordinated and strategic approach to receive and prioritize funding requests including special offerings and special accounts.

Goal 4: Develop Human and Organizational Capacity to Support Mission and Vision (Staff/Volunteers)
Build and align staff and volunteer resources to achieve all strategic goals and objectives.

Staff levels are aligned and budgeted to support our strategic goals.

Volunteer needs and required support are identified and quantified to support our strategic goals.

Roles and responsibilities of volunteers and staff (PGB, staff, key committees) are clearly defined in policy and communicated with all parties.

Policy governance board composition is reviewed and adjusted for alignment (revisit issue of SPRC, Trustees, Finance on PGB).

Develop a strategic approach and funding cycle to request propose and consider funding options, to request special offerings and to establish special accounts in support of our strategic goals and objec-tives.

Develop a coordinated and strategic approach to receive and prioritize funding requests including special offerings and special accounts.

Worship with Us

Sunday Morning Worship
In-person Traditional worship at 9:30AM and REACH Band-Led worship at 11AM. Both services are livestreamed to YouTube


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